Tru Luv 2018 on Emily. Toronto. Stick and Poke 

Tiny Ant, 2017 on Toby. Toronto. Stick and Poke. 

Hannya Work in Progress, 2017 on Bennet. Toronto Stick and Poke.

Sternum Triangle, 2017 on Liz. Toronto Stick and poke. 

Happy stars, 2017 on Lucia. Florence, Italy. Stick and poke.

Baby oysters, 2017 on lizFlorence, Italy. Stick and Poke

Carciofo, 2016. On Emily. Florence, Italy. Stick and Poke

Finger dots & Arrow, 2016. On myself. Florence Italy. Stick and Poke.

Sante Croce Skull, 2016. On Nigel. Florence Italy. Stick and Poke.

Finger Dagger, 2016. On Nichole. Toronto, Canada. Italy.

Leo Constellation, 2016. On Maddy. Toronto, Canada. Stick and Poke.  

709 Newfoundland, 2016. On Bennet. Toronto, Canada, Stick and Poke.

Hand Ornament, 2016. On Sam. Toronto, Canada. Stick and poke.

Skater Babe, 2016. On Bennet. Toronto, Canada. Stick and Poke.

Inverted Crosses, 2016. On Liam. Toronto, Canada, Stick and Poke. 

Ram Skull, 2016. On Liam. Toronto, Canada. Stick and Poke. 

Ram Skull wrap around, 2016. On Liam. Toronto, Canada. Stick and Poke. 

Hoof, 2015, on Jamie. Kitchener, Canada. Stick and poke

Die Bart Die, 2014 on Saul. Kitchener Canada. Stick and poke

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